3some: Inviting a third person to bed.

The Erotic “3some” Can Vary.

A 3some can be a man, woman and another woman.  A 3some can be a man, a woman and another man.  A 3some might be three women or three men.   There are several combinations of a 3some.

The porn industry has made a 3some very exciting and popular.   Most men fanaticize about being in bed with two women with him 3somebeing “King Kong”.

Most married men also prefer a 3some with their wife and another woman.  Unless the wife is “bi”, then it’s sometimes a little difficult for the husband to persuade his wife to explore and bring another woman into the bedroom.

However, with that said, the swinging lifestyle and the porn industry have loosened up the “taboo” subject of a 3some.  Again, it depends on the strength and the bond of the trusting marriage.  If the husband has been known to have affairs and has cheated behind his wife’s back, then this is probably a very weak relationship.  In order for a man or woman to bring in a 3rd person there must be an element of “trust”.

What is a Secure and Trusting Relationship?

In the simplest terms it’s caledl total TRUST for each other.   Sexually exploring others outside of your relationship can be risky for those who are not truly bonded and secure.   The couple must be truly bonded mentally and emotionally.  This type of bond allows “both” to successfully explore others “sexually” while maintaining their emotional commitment and bond for each other.

3some of a Man-Woman-Man

There is a growing number of men who are admitting they enjoy the fantasy and reality of a MFM scenario.   They enthusiastically encourage their wife to sexually enjoy another man.

The 3some involving the husband, wife and another man has become very popular, but very private.   The third person, being a man, is often called a “bull” in 3somecertain circles.

The term “cuckoldand “hotwife has been adopted by many couples also.   Some men prefer to watch a well-hung black man sexually satisfy his wife.

These wives appear to be very open to having fun with another man with her husband watching or participating.  This type of man or husband is usually very loving and gentle with his wife and respects his her a great deal.  He wants her to be completely and sexually satisfied.  The more she enjoys the sex the more he enjoys watching.  Again, this type of marriage or relationship between a man and woman involves “trust”.

3Some – Explained

Single “Bi” Ladies for Couple 3some.

The popularity of swinging has certainly created a “frenzy” for threesomes.  Single “bi” women are much easier to find than the old days of swinging.  “Bi” women seem to have come out into the open more and more and enjoy participating sexually with couples.3some

This type of 3some seems to solve two fantasies.  One is:  the husband gets to enjoy two women in bed and the wife or g/f gets to satisfy her desire for a woman.

There are many types of sexual positions the three of them can do to make it an erotic and fun experience.   Naturally,  the porn industry is more than happy to show you a few scenarios.

What, Where and How Can You Explore Your Fantasy of a 3some?

You can try to find or pick up a “bi” girl or woman in a club – but that method might take some time to find the right person.   Discover a great place to meet others of like-minds or for a 3some.  Review their videos, pics and profiles. There are literally thousands of LOCAL couples and “bi” ladies seeking to explore their fantasies with others.   Plus there are probably private meet and greet parties near you.  Check out the dates and locations.