About Bisexual Women. How to tell if she is bisexual?

Is Your Girlfriend or
Wife a Bisexual Woman? 

bisexual womenHaving a relationship with a woman who also enjoys women can be an exciting and stimulating experience — so long as you are both prepared to explore.   Being involved with a bisexual woman obviously has its advantages  and extra adventures that can enhance your sex life.

True bisexual women have the emotional ability to “fall-in-love” with other women.   Many bisexual women call themselves bisexual because they enjoy the touch and the sex of another woman – but she prefers to be in love with a man, her boyfriend or her husband. In other words, she enjoys “playing” with another woman, sexually.

There are two versions of women who PLAY with other women: the bisexual woman and the women who have yet to experience another woman but are curious about their bisexual desires.

Here’s a great video.  This woman is a true bisexual woman and she explains from a bisexual woman’s point of view.

Here’s how to tell if your girlfriend or wife is bisexual and whether or not she’s ready to play.

A bisexual woman is not something to take lightly, It can be extremely confusing and heartbreaking, and it might be difficult to deal with emotionally.

You can visit a club others of like-minds hang out.  Let her explore.  Here’s a great place.

Bisexual women are usually not an object for your erotic entertainment. If your girlfriend or wife comes out of the closet and tells you that she finds other women sexually desirable, then treat it the same as if she told you she’s a lesbian: with kindness and care. If she decides that she would like to explore her sexuality with you and others, then just go with the flow. If she doesn’t suggest it, then don’t push it.

Does your girlfriend or wife openly appreciate other women’s beauty?
bisexual womenWomen who enjoys other women can easily appreciate another woman’s qualities.

Bisexual women are a rare find.   They are generally not threatened by the beauty of another woman and can join you in admiring other women.

If your woman can appreciate the beauty of other women, then this can certainly move in a certain direction. This certainly is not a definitive tell-tale sign that she is bisexul, but if she is able to appreciate the sex appeal of a woman, then it means her mind is open to observing other women.  Maybe she would enjoy exploring more.

BiSexual Women and the Swinger Lifestyle.

Also, check out this video on Youtube.

Does “she” refers to past bisexual experiences?

Does she PLAYS with girls?  Has she played with girls in the past, then she will most likely talk about it. There has been lots of attention placed on bisexual women on TV and in the movies, etc.  In the past 10-15 years millions of young women have explored their sexuality with other women.

Maybe your woman has crossed over once or twice, but you never know unless you ask.  If she has, then maybe, she may want to explore the experience again.  You will need to softly probe for more information.

bisexual womenShe’s into girl-on-girl porn.  This might be a sign your girlfriend or wife could enjoy another woman.

This will tell you a lot more than any other clue. If she can actually watch and enjoy a woman being pleasured by another woman, then it is highly likely that she may want to explore the same experience sometime in the future.

Is She Overly Affectionate with Certain Girlfriends?

This can be a good clue, but don’t let your imagination run too wild.  It probably isn’t very wise to talk about your sexual fantasies about being with her best friends.   Hinting will probably get you in trouble at this point.   Keep it to yourself until you know more about your woman’s true sexual desires towards women.

Loving on the ladies . . .

In today’s culture, it’s almost a trendy thing for women to be bisexual or at least bi-curious.  However, some women, no matter what, do not have these desires at all.

Sometimes the best way to get information is to simply ask. She will probably not have a problem telling you about her “sexual” experiences, desires and fantasies involving other women if she had any.

Your woman is probably already aware that many men have a sexual fantasy of being with two women or watching two women. Because of this, she may be quite willing to share.

How Do You Start the Conversation?
The kind of conversation starter you could try is; “When was the first time you kissed a girl?” This assumes she has, and will no doubt make her giggle as she relates the story.   This enables you to ask if she would like to do it again.  Keep it light, keep it sexy, and maybe you’ll hear the words you want.  Be respectful, be kind, and whatever you do, don’t push it.

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