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Nudist Lifestyle: Discover The Benefits Today.

Nudist Lifestyle is Absolutely A Refreshing Experience.  The Benefits Are Incredible.

How is Nudist Defined?  The Nudist lifestyle has a variety of hidden benefits other than Nudists and Naturists just enjoying nudity .  They enjoy being nude – indoors and outdoors. The naturalists believe they are closer to God’s creations, nature and the spiritual aspects of being a human beings.  Other nudists simply feel nudist lifestylemore relaxed and more comfortable without the binding of clothes, shoes and all the accessories people normally wear.

Many nudists believe you can bond with another person (nude) easier.  The reason is;  you’re both being truthful and not hiding behind your clothes, your house, your car or your jewelry.  There is no pretense other than being a “nude” human being.  Relationships become stronger too.nudist lifestyle read more

Sex Role Play – Ideas, Scenarios, Sexy Costumes.

“Sex Role Play” is Fun and
Exciting For Many Couples

To those who do not know about Sex Role Play –
You may ask, “What is so HOT about it?” 

Sex Role Play

 Imagine this scenario –  The doorbell rings -“Unexpectedly”.  Guess who?  (It is the sexual fantasy person you’ve been thinking about lately.) The handy man you met at the hardware store or maybe it’s the “Stripper” you met at the business conference when you were out of town?

Acting out your Sex Role Play with fantasy characters with your partner can certainly insert some spice into your bedroom.

1 –  Make sure to put some effort in planning your SEX ROLE PLAY.   The smallest details could be the most erotic to your fantasy.  Your partner should listen and take notes.   If she knows you well, she may not have to take too many notes, however.   Rehearse some dialogue. read more

BBW Dating. 11 Great Reasons To Date BBWs!

 Eleven Awesome Reasons for BBW Dating. Men Are Coming Out of the Closet.

More and more men are admitting they enjoy BBWs. Sometimes the media and corporations use propaganda and clever advertising techniques to sell their products, food and services.  bbw daing Whatever feeds their greedy  bank accounts is what will be used to brain-wash the public. You can view popular paintings through out the ages and  years no secret that voluptuous women were very appealing to men.  Until the last few decades, over-sized woman were still considered sexually desirable by most men.

The media has brain-washed people to believe “thin is in and fat is out.”

Corporations and new products were being developed.  The diet industry, diet pills, new fat loss methods, fitness centers and a host of new products were created and had to be sold.  This meant new advertising strategies, propaganda and brain-washing had to be done in order to change the minds of the general public.bbw daing

Portions of the Pubic Did Not Buy into The Propaganda and They Lived their lives the Way They Wanted.

Some members of the medical community will admit that research studies have proven that fat on the body is a good thing.   As long as the heart does not work too hard to support a large body, then fat people can live long lives. Exercising a few days a week can help strengthen the heart.  Some BBWs keep their heart healthy by swimming laps, taking brisk walks and plenty of good SEX.

 A lover of BBW and BBW dating is also often called a Fat Admirer, or sometimes called an “FA”.   It is a person (male or female) who is attracted to plus-size women (or men, but here the focus is on women only – BBWs). This attraction is called Fat Admiration. Many people mistakenly use the term Fat Fetishism for Fat Admiration. While it is certainly possible that an FA’s attraction to plus-size women is a “fetish”, it does not mean that every FA has by definition a Fat Fetishism. This is a commonly made error in judgment.  

Every Man into BBW Dating Who Admire Big Beautiful Woman Should Watch This Video. This is a BBW with an Amazing Heart!

Thousands of Men Fantasize about BBWs!

BBW dating is huge! There are literally thousands of men who fantasize about big beautiful women (BBWs).  Obsessions with BBWs is as old as my awareness of the opposite sex. Many women in rural areas  of America are larger than most  Yes, they do enjoy their “carbs”, mostly due to generational habits. Let’s call them “Curvaceous”.   BBWs learn to live in a society that frowns on “Fat”.   However, somehow, it appears they have learned to live with it and still be the loving gentle people they are.

1. Most BBWs can be very humble, down to earth and caring persons.  Many BBW will help and support their loved ones beyond the call of duty.
Many BBWs have undergone much social pressure to loose weight and have experienced ridicule by students and colleagues most of their life.  It has caused many BBWs to give more loving and understanding towards others who been ridiculed for other reasons. They seem to empathize more
bbw dating. read more

Shemale Dating. Why are Shemales so Popular?


“Private” Shemale Dating is
Extremely Popular For Who?

First, what is a Shemale?   A Shemale is a person who was born as a man with  male genitalia.  (Penis and testicles)  He does not go through the Sex reassignment surgery like many transsexuals do.

The “Shemale” usually takes hormone treatments, electrolysis (hair removal) and has breast augmentation.

A Shemale’s mission is to act and look as much like a female as possible, but keep his male body parts.  This also means; wearing make-up, crossing dressing (female clothes) hair, etc. read more

Transgender Dating. Private Lifestyle For Many.

Transgender Dating –
Thousands of People Date Transgenders.

Are you seeking to date transgenders?  Some people are confused as to this meaning.  Let’s start with providing a true definition of a Transgenderist;  It is a person who lives as a member of the opposite sex either fulltime or part-time.

Some transgenders enjoy and like their genitalia and do not plan to ever have SRS.  Most transsexuals cannot related to their genitalia and many transgenders have Sexual Reconstruction Surgery (SRS).

Transgenders can be male to female or female to male. read more

Sexual Fetishes. Which One Are You?


Millions of People Have Sexual Fetishes.  Which One Do YOU Have?

Sexual fetishes run the gamut, from drinking blood to dressing up like cute animals to wearing diapers or women who are sexually attracted to men who commit heinous acts on other people.   There are many sexual fetishes among our population.

 What causes sexual fetishes? There’s no clear answer. Why would a man or woman develop a certain sexual fetish?  It may have come from something they read or experienced as kid during their sexual development.   Whatever is causing the fetish it takes control of the individual’s sexuality. read more

Booty Call Secrets – Discover how to maintain a booty call.


The Booty Call – For Men and Women.

The problems with the booty call concept is; your booty call ” could be here one day and gone the next.  In other words, you can easily be replaced unless you follow the right rules it was designed to do.booty call

Most men and women  who enjoy the “booty call” concept do not know how to maintain the yard so it always looks good does not turn brown and ugly.  Your “booty call” can rot away if you allow it.   Be careful.   There are a few rules and boundaries you need to know about or you may end up like all the other booty call losers. read more

Local Swinger Clubs – World’s Largest Swinger Club Directory


Swinger Clubs are in nearly
every city and town!

Swinger Clubs are extremely popular all over the world.  You may be shocked to see the actual directory.  We will help you find all the best Swing Clubs in your area are wherever you plan to travel.

Also, Check Out this Video on Youtube.

The World’s Largest Swinger Club and Swinger Party Listing Directory. Swinger Clubs!  

swinger clubsSwinger Clubs are practically in very city and town.  Swinger events and Swing “bashes” are everywhere.

Thousands of swinger attend the Swinger Conventions all over the year.   As many as 5,000 or more swingers will attend one convention for frolic and for a national meet and greet.  It’s truly amazing. read more

Sexy Couples. Swingers Come in All Shapes, Sizes and Races.

Check out this video also on Youtube.

Where do you find other Sexy Couples?

sexy couplesSexy couples within the swinging lifestyle is just like any other group of people.  Sex is whatever sexy does.

Beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder.  In other words – one couple might be absolutely irresistible to one couple – however, to another couple they night be butt-ass-ugly!

sexy couples
sexy couples

However, it’s always good, no matter what, when you’re in a room filled with people of like-minds, be kind, gentle and super friendly.

Sexy people are all around – sometimes you may have to look a little deeper than just their skin and their body structure. Try to have a good time and never do anything you do not want to do. read more

How to Have Anal Sex. Discover the Dos and Donts.


Lots of Coupes Enjoy Anal Sex  . . . However, there are many people who do not enjoy it.  Keep a respectful mind.

Discover How to Have Anal Sex Correctly.

1. Make Sure You’re in the Mood
And by in the mood, I mean calm . . . AND not like you need to go to How to have anal sexthe bathroom.  You must find away to relax, especially if this is your first time.

Somes a glass of wine or whatever you need to use to calm down and relax.   The reason this is mention is this; you don’t want to tense up when your ass is about to be penetrated because that “back door” will lock down like a BANK VAULT and nothing is going inside. read more