Cuckold Husband. The Modern Cuckold Marriage

Cuckold is an old “very private” lifestyle.  However, it’s becoming more and more popular.   It’s all explained here.

Cuckold is a fetish lifestyle where the man finds sexual cuckoldpleasure from watching, listening or knowing his wife is having sex with another man.

A cuckold man loves his wife but enjoys the mental pain and humiliation of other men having sex with her.

This fetish is very popular and some cuckolds call their lovely wives a “hotwife”- however, not all.  The cuckold husband is often very submissive and allow his wife to go on dates with other men.  The “cuck” will help his get all dressed to meet her date.  Sometimes he’ll wait patiently for her return – knowing she’s having hot sex with another man.  This excites him.

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Contintued . . . .

She will often keep the man’s semen inside her until she returns home.  She will show her husband the remains of the man’s semen and sometimes the “cuck” enjoys sucking and licking the other man’s semen from her vagina.

The cuckold likes to dress his wife up and make sure cuckoldingt-shirtshe is sexy for the other man.   He is often excited by being humiliated and emasculated.

The cuckold gets sexual arousal from feeling sexually inadequate for his wife.  Some cuckold men enjoy being verbally assaulted with words like “his cock is much bigger than your tiny dick.”  —  even if it’s not true.

The cuckold enjoys the pain of hearing it.  It’s emotionally painful for him – but he enjoys the mental pain of feeling jealous and verbally degraded.

Some couples say the “cuckold” and the “hotwife” scenarios are different.    The “hotwife”  often wears a small bracelet on her “right”cuckold ankle with a “key” symbol.  This designates she is  a “Hotwife” and her husband enjoys her having sex with other men.

A “hotwife”  usually chooses the man she wants to have sex with and the more she enjoys the sex the more her husband likes watching.

cuckold-necklaceThis lifestyle has been known to strengthened many marriages and has been the glue to keep loving fun marriages together.

It’s often a lifestyle that is seldom talked about and it usually remains a sexual fetish secret between the cuckold man and his loving wife.

The man who is chosen to have sex with the wife is usually called a “BULL”.   He may or may not have a large cock.  Sometimes he’s a white male or black male – it all depends on what the wife prefers and enjoys.

A cuckold husband usually will only get sexually excited with this sexual arrangement if  he’s totally “in love” with his wife.  The cuckold lifestyle is a fun and exciting for a loving and bonded couple.

There are a variety of places to meet a “bull”.  Most couples (for 1st-time bulls) will only have sex in a hotel room.  They never take the bull home and never go to his house.  A motel is the best place for a 1st time sexual encounter.

If you want your wife to “cuckold” you and do not know how to bring up the subject or have failed in convincing her how great it would be – then this is for you.  We discovered these hidden “cuckolding” techniques and we recommend you give it a shot.

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