Nudist Lifestyle: Discover The Benefits Today.

Nudist Lifestyle is Absolutely A Refreshing Experience.  The Benefits Are Incredible.

How is Nudist Defined?  The Nudist lifestyle has a variety of hidden benefits other than Nudists and Naturists just enjoying nudity .  They enjoy being nude – indoors and outdoors. The naturalists believe they are closer to God’s creations, nature and the spiritual aspects of being a human beings.  Other nudists simply feel nudist lifestylemore relaxed and more comfortable without the binding of clothes, shoes and all the accessories people normally wear.

Many nudists believe you can bond with another person (nude) easier.  The reason is;  you’re both being truthful and not hiding behind your clothes, your house, your car or your jewelry.  There is no pretense other than being a “nude” human being.  Relationships become stronger too.nudist lifestyle

When people meet in the “nude”,  there is no prejudgement of who the person is or social status.  All you see is another “human” being in his/her natural physical form.

Nudist lifestyle or many nudists today prefer to call it “naturism” lifestyle.  There are many nudist communities all over the world that embrace the “naturism” lifestyle.  It is a natural way of living.  A lifestyle that is totally free of all clothing and “judgment”.

nudist lifestyleThe history of nudism extends back for centuries. Arguably, many of the ancient peoples were significantly more welcoming of “public” nudity than most “modern” cultures are today.

Why Do People Get Involved
in the Nudist Lifestyle?

The healthiest reason most people are drawn to “naturism” is simple;  Many people become nudists because they are sick and tired of the city rat race and the pre-judgement of society.nudist lifestyle

They wish not to be judged because of what they own or do not own.  They are seeking a non-judgmental lifestyle.  Nudism lifestyle is reserved for “free spirited” individuals who choose to live a life free from ridicule and judgment.

This is the bottom line in most cases.  If it means for only a day, a weekend, a month or life time of living a life free of judgment – then it means a more relaxing and less stressful way of living.

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Are “Nudists” Just a Bunch
of Pervert Naked People?

Unfortunately, many people outside of the “nudism” community judge nudists as over-sexed “perverted” people who are achieving some sort of sexual charge from being nude in front of other people.nudist lifestyle

These people are very misinformed and misguided in their thinking.  They are usually confusing nudity with sexuality.  Nudity has nothing to do with sex.  Sex has nothing to do with being nude.

Many nudists get highly offended when misinformed nudist lifestylepeople judge a nudist as some sort of a sexual pervert.

Unfortunately, main stream America look upon nudists as nasty naughty people.  Most people grow up thinking you must hide your naked body as much as possible and to cover up anytime you’re around other people.

Mostly, it’s religion that has taught and misguided most people in the wrong direction. They have trained most people to believe nudity is shameful and should be hidden behind closed doors.  Religion has taught many nudist lifestylehealthy people that their bodies are shameful when not covered.

These are the reasons that “nudist lifestyle” is very private among some nudists.  They keep their nudist lifestyle private and only share the open “nudity” with others within the nudist community.

Most naturalists enjoy associating with other people who share the same belief or have like-minds. Naturally, this is the only way they can be accepted.  Most nudists keep their nudist lifestyle “private” to others who are not “naturists”.

Some families experience what we call “home-nudism”. For example, a high percentage of nudists actually only practice nudism within their own homes or around their closest family members.  They will seldom wear clothes in their house or they may even possibly venture nude into their backyard (with a high fence).

However, thousands of nudists enjoy naked parties, nude beaches, nude resorts and many other nude activities.

Nudists often enjoy many
activities with other nudists.

Nude swimming is a big treat for “naturalists”.  Most nude resorts have swimming pools.  The pools are usually the main community center for nudists.  The beach is also a great place to find nudists.  Being close to nature and “water” is a huge draw for “naturalists”.

Nudist Camping is also popular with “nudists” or “naturalists”.   Camping is about getting closer to nature and this what the true nudist is all about.nudist lifestyle

When you’re completely nude out-doors and nude in nature, it is an awesome experience.  It’s actually sad the rest of the main stream society will never experience this sensation.

There is simply no better way to experience nature unless you are experience it naked. Nude freedom is an exhilarating feeling.  There are many naturist and nude family campgrounds all over the world.

nudist lifestyleSocial nudity, clothes-free, naturism, nudism and public nudity are all terms that refer to people that encourage, defend and practice public nudity.

In Britain the term nudism refers to being naked, whereas naturism refers to a philosophy of being natural. Although in many countries, including the United States, the terms are interchangeable. The philosophy of most nudists includes relating to nature, health and fitness.

nudist lifestyle

Would you like to meet other “True” nudists?  Others with like-minds?  Would you like to meet men, women or couples who also believe in nudism or naturism?  You’re just one small click away from meeting over 250 thousand nudists.