Online Dating Tips

Online Dating Tips

We want you to be fully equipped to meet people and we want you to succeed.
Here are a few suggestions about your photo that will bring you the best results.

How exactly do you maximize your looks backgroundand photos for online dating?

  • Create a few quality photos and make sure that you are dressed sharp and very stylish in those photos. Do not dress in a suite. 
  • Your hair should be groomed. Tacky appearances seldom receive results. 
  • Only include pictures of yourself and not pictures of you with other women.  If you’re a woman…no other men in pics with you.
  • Show some skin if you have a nice body. It could increase your sex appeal. Women should be somewhat sexy or flirty in appearance. 
  • Do NOT be looking at the camera when your picture is taken. Research proves; women respond mostly to men who are NOT looking at the camera when their picture is taken.
  • Women, who are online daters are very picky. ONE bad photo can be a death sentence for attraction. Men can be equally as “snooty.

If you can follow just a few of these simple guidelines when it comes to your online dating profile photos, your success rate for dating and meeting in person will instantly double.

f you’re a man, then here is a suggestion.  Usually the ladies do not have a problem getting laid, so I hope men are taking notes. 

I suggest you create a very short “to the point” message and send it out to 20, 50 or 100 women. 

The first message you send to women is something that comes across very independent, non-needy, and it will automatically screen out the women who aren’t interested in you.  Face it – you can’t please everyone….either sexually or romantically.

The first message should be something like this: 

“Hey, you seem like a cool girl. Message me back if you’re interested.”

imagesWJSWS7CIThis message is cool, short, non-needy, doesn’t compliment a woman’s appearance, and automatically screens out the women who aren’t interested in dating and fucking you. You only want the women who are sincerely interested….right?

Why does this type of message work so well?

  1. Because it’s short and research has shown that women online respond more to SHORTER messages than they do to longer messages. 
  2. Look at how I ended the first message. “Message me back if you’re interested”.
    That means that she is only allowed to message you back if she is interested in you sexually or romantically.

Be polite but do not make “nice”.  Do not compliment or tell her how sexy she is. Never do that in a first message. Never ask boring questions about her silly dog or how cold the weather is outside and NEVER compliment her appearance and never kiss her ass by telling her how “pretty” she is.

This is a completely different approach from the way most men message a woman. Don’t be a silly goober and blow a chance on meeting sexy ladies in your area.

I want you to have fun and meet lots of women!!!

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Another wise Tip for MEN.  This is simple but important.

Ask for a meetup or a phone number on the third message and no later…

Stop the silly bantering and building that goofy comfort zone.  It doesn’t work. Don’t spend hours, days or weeks chatting or emailing. 

Here’s a suggestion:

  1. If a girl is really interested in you sexually or romantically, she’s going to
    images5RG5HH21agree to meet up with you no matter how soon you ask her to meet you. 
  2. There are many women online who are time wasters and are only looking to get emotional validation and flirt with men just for giggles.

For these 2 reasons, NEVER wait past your third message to ask for a meetup. Never. 

If she’s interested, she will agree to meetup with YOU and if she’s not interested sexually or romantically, then she will turn down your invitation and YOU can move on and begin talking to other women.

I’d advise you to follow the same course of action. Attraction is NOT logical, it is purely emotional. Don’t waste time on women who aren’t interested in you sexually or romantically.

imagesILSN6YIDFocus your time, efforts, and energy on women who ARE interested in exchanging phone numbers with you, meeting up with you, and sleeping with you.

Women like MEN to take action. If you do not take action, then you are defeating the reason you’re online to begin with.  In other words, be polite but get some BALLS.

The women who aren’t interested in those men, simply want to waste those men’s time, and have those men flatter them, and give them fake compliments.

I don’t know about you but you need to be fucking more and jerking off less… don’t allow time wasting women to ruin your chances to meet others who are interested in YOU and being intimate.

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We hope this helps!!!