Sharing My Wife. Husbands Who Please Their Wives.

Sharing my wife scenario has become a really HOT experience among many secure erotic couples.

sharing my wifeMany men are saying “I love – Sharing My Wife!”  They say it’s “hot” to be involved in a threesome with their loving wife.

Polls show that more and more women, especially those in their late thirties and older, who are passed or passing their child bearing years, say that threesomes are extremely exciting.

These wives are often called  “Hot Wives” .  (MFM or Male-Female-Male threesome)  Meet others with like-minds right here.

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These “hotwives” are hitting their sexual prime during their late thirties and early forties and many of them like getting attention from younger males.

Sharing “my wife” are thoughts many men have and thousand of men are now acting on their thoughts and fantasies.  Men who share their wives have a desire to add more sexual pleasure for their wife.

These wives or life partners do not want to cheat on the men they love.   They actually enjoy the extra attention of other men.  These couples do not feel there is any cheating because nothing sexual is done in secret.
While many males my be suffering from a drop in their testosterone levels in their forties and feel like their sexual peak is a distant memory, the women in their lives are just getting warmed up, maybe even hot!

If you want to share your wife with other men, perhaps you have the fetish they call cuckolding.  Originally, the word cuckold refers to a man whose wife has been unfaithful to him. Thus, being a cuckold seems to have a negative connotation.

Apparently, times have changed; a word that was once demeaning to men is now a term from which some men derive their pleasure. What The Pleasure Of Sharing GivesDifferent people have different preferences and fetishes.  

Some men like their women to wear costumes and role play. Some men also find pleasure from other unusual things like feet, underwear, etc. Yet, what many of us sharing my wifewill find really unusual is the cuckold fetish.

This type of obsession occurs in men who are into a heterosexual relationship.

These men feel pleasure and sexual excitement when they share their wives with other men.  When they see their woman or wife having intercourse with another man it is extremely arousing.

What makes this type of sharing more unusual is that the man usually does not participate in the intimate action between the other man and his wife. The husband usually just watches or masturbates while watching his wife enjoy herself.

Sharing my wife concept is not actually the “cuckold” philosophy.  The man who shares his wife  usually participates in order to enhance the sexual experience for his wife.  The man who shares his wife with another man is not jealous and usually loves his wife very much.

The “cuckold” man seldom will participate in the sexual experience with his wife and another man.  The “cuckold” man is usually aroused by the feelings of being humiliated.  He enjoys hearing how his wife  feels more pleasure form another man  and the other man is better than him when it comes to sexual performance.

A cuckold gets pleasure from the feeling of being set aside by a woman who prefers another man. Understanding the difference is important if you choose  to place “labels” on people.

According to a biological explanation, the cuckolded husband may acquire this fetish in order to conceive better babies. Once the cuckold has seen the other man pleasure his woman, he feels more than sufficient excitement and arousal to penetrate his wife more than how he usually performs it.

This more vigorous intercourse allows him to produce better and bigger sperm that can confront the other man’s sperm; and the dominant sperm will then win the battle to produce babies.

Others also see this obsession as a form of masochism that involves inflicted emotional, physical or psychological sufferings; yet the affected individual finds enjoyment from it.

The man who openly shares his wife with another man is unlike the “cuckolded” man.  As we know now, the cuckold gets or derives his erotic satisfaction from the inflicted humiliation or pain when he sees the wife committing sexual acts with other men.

As a masochism variant, the cuckolded man feels emotional pain and yet welcomes it.

Some people describe cuckold as a political subversiveness; he considers the other man as a sex toy for pleasing his own wife.

The man and wife who enjoy an extra man, they usually participate together or the husband enjoys watching his wife.

Some men say, the best porn is watching my wife fuck. They both feel comfortable wit her sexuality because this is their private sex life and it is not deceiving anyone.

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sharing my wife

The wife usually chooses the man she wants to have sex with and the husband goes along for the ride.  He may participate or just watch.   He gets his enjoyment from watching and giving his loving wife pleasure.

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