Swing Life Style. Couples Share Sexuality.

 Swing Life Style is Growing in Popularity!

Swing life style is what many swingers refer to as the “Lifestyle”.    Swing Life Style is an open-minded  sexually oriented concept thousands of couples embrace.  They are able to enjoy sex with others while maintaining their emotional commitment to their significant other.

Couples are Spicing up their Marriage . . .

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The Swing Life Style has been gaining in popularity in the last few years.

There are private swinger parties in nearly every town in America.

Naturally, they are private, however, there are many swinger events and “bashes” open to the public as well.  Swapping wives or swapping husbands is usually part of the Swing Life Style.

Swing life style is all over the world.  England, France, Germany, Spain, South America, etc.  Swing life style is in nearly every town and city in America.  Swinging couples are exploring their sexuality with others more and more.  There doesn’t seem to be any sign of the Swing Life Style coming to an end anytime soon.

Couples who explore the Swing Life Style usually have very bonded and trusting relationships. This provides the sexual freedom they need to explore with others. Swinging couples can feel free to explore their sexuality with others without risking the emotional commitment they have for each other.

Do Swinging Couples Feel Guilty After Having Sex With Another Person?

It depends on how new the couple is within the relationship.  Some people grow up with a sense of guilt concernings sex.  Sexual guilt seems to be an American obsession.  Sexual guilt is the shame someone has after breaking their sexual loyalty to another person.

The answer to the question.  Do swinging couples feel guilty after having sex with others?  Usually “NO!”  Matter of fact, aft the husband and wife have sex in the (same room) with others, they usually become more bonded.  No guilt or shame is required for swinging couples.  Neither of them broke the agreement and remained emotionally loyal to each other.

Does an unfaithful wife or an unfaithful husband in a traditional so-called “monogamous” marriage feel any guilt?

We can ask the same question that concerns traditional (monogamous) couples.  Millions of wives and husbands cheat on each other.  Do they feel guilty?   Has she been lying to him?  As he been lying and sneaking around behind his wife’s back?   Have they been disloyal to each other?

If they broke an agreement of NOT having sex with any other person other than their spouse, then there might be room for them to feel guilty or shame.  After all an unfaithful wife or husband has been disloyal and dishonest.

There used to be a time when boys were made to feel guilty after masturbating.   Americans, especially, have been inundated with sexual guilt for many years.  This is mostly due to “religiology” within the churches. Most swinging couples choose to break away from the “sexual guilt” that has cursed people for many years because of their religious up bringing.

Swinging couples are usually emotionally loyal to their significant other and have found away not to confuse emotionally loyalty with the ultimate sex act.

The wives or girl friend is able to explore her bisexual side with other women without hiding it or feeling “guilty”.  They can safely share their bi-sexual experiences with their husband and the woman without the feelings of “shame”.

Swinging couples have less than 2% divorce rate compared to monogamous traditional couples at about 50% divorce rate.

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A very large percentage of traditional couples divorce due to sneaking around and having hidden affairs behind the backs of their spouse.  It is the “disloyalty” of the relationship that often causes hurt feelings and divorces.  The trust among these traditional couples has been destroyed.

Swing couples of the Swing Life Style usually do not hide their desires for others from each other.  There is no reason to hide it.  They talk, discuss and experience having sex with other people openly.

Their sexual exploration with others usually increases the bond with each other. It seems to create a tighter and more bonded relationship.  Trust usually builds more and more.

A man’s wife has terrific sex with another man – but she still comes home with him and loves “him” unconditionally.  The building of the trust factor occurs and the relationship strengthens.

Also check out this video on Youtube.

Meet other swingers of like-minds by visiting this popular website.

The private swinger parties are usually by invitation only and hostedmeetotherswingers8 at a couple’s home.  The neighbors are usually unaware of the type of part it is;  however, it’s private and really nobody’s business but the people who there enjoying the activities.

The Swing Life Style is not for everyone and it is not intended to be – however, if the couple is in a bonded and trusting relationship and have desires for others, then the Swing Life Style may work out fine with them.

The Swing Life Style is not for couples who seem to have a non-trusting relationship and swingers often say that swinging is not a remedy for an already damaged relationship.

The Swing Life Style is meant to enhance
an already bonded, loving and trusting relationship.

Wifelovers, hotwives, cuckolding,
wife swapping can all be part of the
Swing Life Style.

This is a very erotic lifestyle for thousands of couples and many claim it adds, fun, romance and a stronger more bonded relationship or marriage.

Many people ask the jealousy question.

Would you be jealous watching your spouse kiss or have sex with another person?   Jealousy among most bonded swinging couples is almost non-existent because they know the difference between sex and emotional commitment.

Most couples rather they admit it or not need and want an emotional commitment between each other. They enjoy the emotional “loyalty” of belonging to the person they chose as their life-partner.

Swinging couples do not feel they are violating the emotional commitment or emotional loyalty that already have with the their significant other.

Swinging couples may prefer a single woman to play with, possibly a single man or they may prefer to share their sexuality with another couple.  Some swingers enjoy a full blown orgy situation.

Nearly all swinging couples have their own set of boundaries, their own rules and their own dos and don’ts in order to create a comfort level for each.  Most swinging couples honor these boundaries for each other out of the respect they have for each other.

Some People (out-side) of the Swinging Community think  “Swingers” are nothing but wild sexual animals.”

Fact:  Most loving couples who make up the Swing Life Style are in bonded and loving relationships usually do not cheat on their spouses.  Most swinging men do not use or pay for the services of a prostitute.

Fact:   Married men who are involved in traditional so-called monogamous marriages are usually the same men who feed  the multi-Billion Dollar industry called “Prostitution”.

These are usually the same men who enjoy the services of your average “corner” skanky prostitute – It is usually NOT the husband who is involved in a non-traditional marriage called the Swing Life Style.

These same married “traditional” men keep their infidelity and their sexual fetishes with prostitutes SECRET from their wives.

Usually swinging couples are very picky or selective about their sexual partners.  They can be even more selective than the traditional husband who sometimes helps feed a BILLION dollar sex trade of prostitution.

Women Cheat in Traditional Marriages
As Much as Men.  It’s Now 50/50.

Infidelity within traditional marriages are now 50/50.  Women have just as many extra marital “affairs” as the men today.  It’s now split 50/50.

Wives share a whopping 50/50!!  It’s not just the husbands.  50 percent of the wives are now cheating on their traditional or so-called “monogamous” husbands.

Usually wives within the swing life style do not need to cheat or hide their sexuality from their husbands.  Wives are usually open to explore their sexuality with others.

Aren’t Swingers Afraid
of Catching a Disease?

Again, contrary to the belief system among those not involved in the swinging community – swinging couples are not as promiscuous as you might think.  Most swinging couples are highly selective.  Most swinging couples also practice safe-safe. “no glove- no love”.

However, many swing couples sometimes join a “group” of loyal swinging couples (usually 4 to 6 couples) who are loyal to the group (sexually).   Many of these swinging groups are more relaxed, comfortable and trust each other.   Sometimes they will ride “bare back”. (without a condoms).

What is an Open Relationship?

An open relationship is not usually what couples in the swinging life style call “swinging”.  An open relationship is usually mutually agreed upon. The  “couple” agrees that they can have sex and even relationships (out-side) of their marriage but still maintain their household and provide an appearance as a traditional marriage.

Swinging Couples Usually Do Not Have
“Emotional” Relationships with Anyone Other than their Spouse.

Most swinging couples prefer to only have sex with others while in the same room.   They usually do not have any desire to separate into different rooms or different locations while having sex with others.  The Swing Life Style calls this “same room swingers”.

However, with that said, there are still some swinging couples who do not want to be in the same room with their partner – and prefer separate rooms.

Are Swingers also Nudists?

No.  Most nudists are not swingers.  Most swingers are not nudists.  It’s two separate lifestyles.  Contrary to most people’s belief system – nudity has nothing to do with sex.  Nudism is about accepting and removing the shame involved with being nude.

Nudism celebrates the freedom of not being binded to unnatural clothing and being one with nature.  A natural nudist believes in baring it all without shame.  Public display of sexual conduct at a nudist park or nudist resort is usually prohibited and is not tolerated.  (Many nudists are family oriented and sometimes there are children on the grounds.)

Swing life style is about enjoying sex with others while maintaining a loyal and emotionally committed relationship.  Swingers are usually very family oriented. Just like in most any household – SEX is a private and  “adult” topic which is seldom discussed with children.

Meet Swingers at 15 of the Hottest Beaches, Hotels and Resorts . . .

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Swinging has become so popular that there are resorts that cater to swingers.  There are also cruise ships that cater to swingers.  There annual Swinger Conventions too.  Many of the swing resorts usually provide clothing optional situations on and off the beaches.

Many swingers are comfortable being nude around other swingers when on and off the beaches and swimming pools.

How Do Swingers Meet Other Swingers?

There are a ton of methods swinger use to meet each other.  Since the Internet, meeting others with like-minds has made it so much easier and faster.  Plus it a lot more fun too.

sexy couples Swinging couples now have private and secure websites in order to seek out others of like-minds.

Swinging couples have an amazing selection of swinging couples and “singles” to choose from.  You can view profiles, photos, videos and even do an online chat or video chat with the members.  It’s a lot of fun to get acquainted before meeting in person.

The Sex Can Be Great – But Sometimes
It’s Even More –  Swingers Make
Long Term Friendships Too!

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