Swinging Lifestyle Dictionary: Words Used Among Swingers

Swinging Lifestyle Dictionary!
Listed are words often used within the alternative and swinging lifestyle community.

Let’s face it.  If you don’t know a certain language, then it may be difficult to communicate with people who do.

The Swinging Lifestyle has almost 200 words that you need to know.  You need to know what they mean or b-w-girl-widget-6you may get confused or not understand what is being conveyed to you.

If you know the language you will know exactly what is being said and in what context.  Many couples and single people “think” they know about the swinging lifestyle, however, there are many facets there DO NOT know. There are many types of fetishes the swinging community enjoys that are kept within the swinging community or those of like-minds.

There are many fetishes the swinging
community enjoy that the masses do not know about.  What a shame!!

The swinging community has a variety of pleasures that are known only to them.  Most traditional couples are not aware of the many pleasures that they canprivatelifestyles-logo19 enjoy with other like-minds.

If you know the different types of pleasure people enjoy, then you will be able to communicate more effectively and it will be no guess work.

Shock!  Yes, there may be a few surprises inside the Swinging Lifestyle Dictionary too.  We included nearly privatelifestyles-logo13all the alternative lifestyle words you need to know.  Plus a few SURPRISES!

For instance, do you know what it’s called when a husband enjoys watching his wife having sex with other men?   You can get the answer inside our new Swinging Lifestyle Dictionary!  Isn’t that great?!

How can you get your FREE
Swinging Lifestyle Dictionary?

How to get your FREE copy?  It’s simple.  We made it easy.  Just tell us where to send the cover-2_-gold_fonts-1000FREE link to pick up your copy! No obligation whatsoever.

The SwingingLifestyle Dictionary is totally free.  Sexy Erotic photos inside as well plus a few “cool” but “hot” surprises!

Get the swinging CODE words today!

The SwingingLifestyle Dictionary is totally FREE.  Sexy Erotic photos inside as well.

This video is also available to view on Youtube.

We want you to have fun with others of like-minds. The best way is to discover how to communicate the best you can with others.  By knowing the secret CODE WORDS of swingers and those in the fetish community you will feel more confident.  Beginners are always welcomed!


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