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Couples Porn: Spice Up Your Sex Life.

 Couples Porn is all about watching “Porn” with your partner – not keeping it secret.

Studies show that couples who watch “porn” together can actually spice up their sex life tremendously.

Also check out this video on Youtube.

Couples Porn:  A good way to know if he or she would enjoy watching couples porn together is to simply ask. For some couples it could be difficult or awkward to suggest to your partner that YOUR ARE interested in watching a sex video together.  Maybe you can pop the question about watching couples porn when you’re cuddling and sharing secrets or fantasies.

How’s this for relationship therapy: a 2011 study found that couples who watched porn together reported being more committed and sexually satisfied than couples where one partner watched alone. read more

Vibrators are great for couples too. Erotic fun for both.

Vibrator, Vibrator Who Has Vibrators!

Yes, it’s no secret men and women love vibrators. There is nothing more enjoyable (accept for the real thing) than a quality vibrator gently massaging and vibrating the parts we all like the most.Vibrators

Women naturally, enjoy the vibrator to softly vibrate their clit along with inserting for some extra vibrating sensations.  Men also enjoy vibrators, especially on the underneath part of the penis and also anally.  Women have been known to use two vibrators, one in each of their love holes.

There are a variety of vibrators on the market and the women all Vibratorshave their favorites. There are vibrators that look like a cock and some are for pure pleasure.  Many vibrators will massage her “clit” while another part is insert for vaginal stimulation as well. read more

Cuckold Husband. The Modern Cuckold Marriage

Cuckold is an old “very private” lifestyle.  However, it’s becoming more and more popular.   It’s all explained here.

Cuckold is a fetish lifestyle where the man finds sexual cuckoldpleasure from watching, listening or knowing his wife is having sex with another man.

A cuckold man loves his wife but enjoys the mental pain and humiliation of other men having sex with her.

This fetish is very popular and some cuckolds call their lovely wives a “hotwife”- however, not all.  The cuckold husband is often very submissive and allow his wife to go on dates with other men.  The “cuck” will help his get all dressed to meet her date.  Sometimes he’ll wait patiently for her return – knowing she’s having hot sex with another man.  This excites him. read more