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Nudist Lifestyle: Discover The Benefits Today.

Nudist Lifestyle is Absolutely A Refreshing Experience.  The Benefits Are Incredible.

How is Nudist Defined?  The Nudist lifestyle has a variety of hidden benefits other than Nudists and Naturists just enjoying nudity .  They enjoy being nude – indoors and outdoors. The naturalists believe they are closer to God’s creations, nature and the spiritual aspects of being a human beings.  Other nudists simply feel nudist lifestylemore relaxed and more comfortable without the binding of clothes, shoes and all the accessories people normally wear.

Many nudists believe you can bond with another person (nude) easier.  The reason is;  you’re both being truthful and not hiding behind your clothes, your house, your car or your jewelry.  There is no pretense other than being a “nude” human being.  Relationships become stronger too.nudist lifestyle read more

Shemale Dating. Why are Shemales so Popular?


“Private” Shemale Dating is
Extremely Popular For Who?

First, what is a Shemale?   A Shemale is a person who was born as a man with  male genitalia.  (Penis and testicles)  He does not go through the Sex reassignment surgery like many transsexuals do.

The “Shemale” usually takes hormone treatments, electrolysis (hair removal) and has breast augmentation.

A Shemale’s mission is to act and look as much like a female as possible, but keep his male body parts.  This also means; wearing make-up, crossing dressing (female clothes) hair, etc. read more

The Hotwife Phenomenon. Sharing my wife is hot.

 Hotwife is a World Wide Phenomenon!

A HOTwife is a woman in a emotionally committed long term relationship or marriage who has sex with other men with her partner’s knowledge.  She is not sneaking around and having sex behind his back.  Another way to say it is this;

This video is also available on youtube to watch.

A “hotwife” refers to a woman in a coupled relationship.  A hotwife enjoys sexual encounters with other men other than her partner and her partner wants her to sexually enjoy herself.

He, her husband or significant other is “in-love” with his wife and also encourages her to have sexual fun with other men, but usually, while he’s present, either watching, taking pictures or video. read more