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Vibrators are great for couples too. Erotic fun for both.

Vibrator, Vibrator Who Has Vibrators!

Yes, it’s no secret men and women love vibrators. There is nothing more enjoyable (accept for the real thing) than a quality vibrator gently massaging and vibrating the parts we all like the most.Vibrators

Women naturally, enjoy the vibrator to softly vibrate their clit along with inserting for some extra vibrating sensations.  Men also enjoy vibrators, especially on the underneath part of the penis and also anally.  Women have been known to use two vibrators, one in each of their love holes.

There are a variety of vibrators on the market and the women all Vibratorshave their favorites. There are vibrators that look like a cock and some are for pure pleasure.  Many vibrators will massage her “clit” while another part is insert for vaginal stimulation as well. read more

Bondage Fetish. Discover the Joys of Bondage.

How bondage works for those who enjoy it.

Bondage simply restricts the movement of a person. Many people have explored “tie and tease” and discovered it to be an exciting way to spice up their sex life.

bondage1The most important aspect of bondage games is the word TRUST.

Why should you Trust someone?

The best reason is this;  when a partner is restricted, he or she is very vulnerable and you must be able to trust one another completely; otherwise these kinds of games should never be played. read more