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Why Do Women Cheat: Private Lives of Couples.

Most Women Want to Feel
Desired and Wanted –
Why Do Women Cheat?

Men and women living in traditional relationships often create their own “Private Lifestyles” through having secret affairs or cheating on their spouse or significant other. Obviously the disloyalty can be very painful for both when the secret is revealed. Most divorces are caused by infidelity.  Most couples never heal after an affair without the help and assistance from a well trained professional therapist or marriage counselor.

Most women want to feel desired, wanted and long for the feeling of being irresistible again.  People ask the question all the time . . .Why do Women Cheat?   Today, just as many women  have extra-marital affairs why do women cheatas men do.  They want to relive that feeling of being desired. read more

BBW Dating. 11 Great Reasons To Date BBWs!

 Eleven Awesome Reasons for BBW Dating. Men Are Coming Out of the Closet.

More and more men are admitting they enjoy BBWs. Sometimes the media and corporations use propaganda and clever advertising techniques to sell their products, food and services.  bbw daing Whatever feeds their greedy  bank accounts is what will be used to brain-wash the public. You can view popular paintings through out the ages and  years no secret that voluptuous women were very appealing to men.  Until the last few decades, over-sized woman were still considered sexually desirable by most men.

The media has brain-washed people to believe “thin is in and fat is out.”

Corporations and new products were being developed.  The diet industry, diet pills, new fat loss methods, fitness centers and a host of new products were created and had to be sold.  This meant new advertising strategies, propaganda and brain-washing had to be done in order to change the minds of the general public.bbw daing

Portions of the Pubic Did Not Buy into The Propaganda and They Lived their lives the Way They Wanted.

Some members of the medical community will admit that research studies have proven that fat on the body is a good thing.   As long as the heart does not work too hard to support a large body, then fat people can live long lives. Exercising a few days a week can help strengthen the heart.  Some BBWs keep their heart healthy by swimming laps, taking brisk walks and plenty of good SEX.

 A lover of BBW and BBW dating is also often called a Fat Admirer, or sometimes called an “FA”.   It is a person (male or female) who is attracted to plus-size women (or men, but here the focus is on women only – BBWs). This attraction is called Fat Admiration. Many people mistakenly use the term Fat Fetishism for Fat Admiration. While it is certainly possible that an FA’s attraction to plus-size women is a “fetish”, it does not mean that every FA has by definition a Fat Fetishism. This is a commonly made error in judgment.  

Every Man into BBW Dating Who Admire Big Beautiful Woman Should Watch This Video. This is a BBW with an Amazing Heart!

Thousands of Men Fantasize about BBWs!

BBW dating is huge! There are literally thousands of men who fantasize about big beautiful women (BBWs).  Obsessions with BBWs is as old as my awareness of the opposite sex. Many women in rural areas  of America are larger than most  Yes, they do enjoy their “carbs”, mostly due to generational habits. Let’s call them “Curvaceous”.   BBWs learn to live in a society that frowns on “Fat”.   However, somehow, it appears they have learned to live with it and still be the loving gentle people they are.

1. Most BBWs can be very humble, down to earth and caring persons.  Many BBW will help and support their loved ones beyond the call of duty.
Many BBWs have undergone much social pressure to loose weight and have experienced ridicule by students and colleagues most of their life.  It has caused many BBWs to give more loving and understanding towards others who been ridiculed for other reasons. They seem to empathize more
bbw dating. read more