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Couples Porn: Spice Up Your Sex Life.

 Couples Porn is all about watching “Porn” with your partner – not keeping it secret.

Studies show that couples who watch “porn” together can actually spice up their sex life tremendously.

Also check out this video on Youtube.

Couples Porn:  A good way to know if he or she would enjoy watching couples porn together is to simply ask. For some couples it could be difficult or awkward to suggest to your partner that YOUR ARE interested in watching a sex video together.  Maybe you can pop the question about watching couples porn when you’re cuddling and sharing secrets or fantasies.

How’s this for relationship therapy: a 2011 study found that couples who watched porn together reported being more committed and sexually satisfied than couples where one partner watched alone. read more

How To Get A Big Dick. Ladies Love Porn Star Cocks.

How to Get a Big Dick“.  As You Know, The Ladies Love Bigger Cocks.   Tiny Dicks Just Don’t Cut it with Most women.
Size Does Matter!

Porn Stars seem to have no problem on How to Get a Big Dick. Have you noticed that male PORN stars all have big cocks?  It’s difficult NOT to notice.

The “Porn” Industry has been hiding a little secret from all the rest of the men on the planet.   What a cruel joke, huh?  They seem to have no problem on How to Get a Big Dick.

Well, once we discovered the exact method the porn industry was using for their “male” porn stars, we just had to share it with you.

Men Have Had Mental Problems and Issues Concerning Their Their Dick for Centuries.

Hundreds of years ago, it was a disgrace to have a big dick because it reminded others of a horse or mule.  They compared a man with a big dick to a large animal. Men with big dicks were often shamed and ridiculed. read more

Shemale Dating. Why are Shemales so Popular?


“Private” Shemale Dating is
Extremely Popular For Who?

First, what is a Shemale?   A Shemale is a person who was born as a man with  male genitalia.  (Penis and testicles)  He does not go through the Sex reassignment surgery like many transsexuals do.

The “Shemale” usually takes hormone treatments, electrolysis (hair removal) and has breast augmentation.

A Shemale’s mission is to act and look as much like a female as possible, but keep his male body parts.  This also means; wearing make-up, crossing dressing (female clothes) hair, etc. read more

Transgender Dating. Private Lifestyle For Many.

Transgender Dating –
Thousands of People Date Transgenders.

Are you seeking to date transgenders?  Some people are confused as to this meaning.  Let’s start with providing a true definition of a Transgenderist;  It is a person who lives as a member of the opposite sex either fulltime or part-time.

Some transgenders enjoy and like their genitalia and do not plan to ever have SRS.  Most transsexuals cannot related to their genitalia and many transgenders have Sexual Reconstruction Surgery (SRS).

Transgenders can be male to female or female to male. read more

Sexual Fetishes. Which One Are You?


Millions of People Have Sexual Fetishes.  Which One Do YOU Have?

Sexual fetishes run the gamut, from drinking blood to dressing up like cute animals to wearing diapers or women who are sexually attracted to men who commit heinous acts on other people.   There are many sexual fetishes among our population.

 What causes sexual fetishes? There’s no clear answer. Why would a man or woman develop a certain sexual fetish?  It may have come from something they read or experienced as kid during their sexual development.   Whatever is causing the fetish it takes control of the individual’s sexuality. read more

Booty Call Secrets – Discover how to maintain a booty call.


The Booty Call – For Men and Women.

The problems with the booty call concept is; your booty call ” could be here one day and gone the next.  In other words, you can easily be replaced unless you follow the right rules it was designed to do.booty call

Most men and women  who enjoy the “booty call” concept do not know how to maintain the yard so it always looks good does not turn brown and ugly.  Your “booty call” can rot away if you allow it.   Be careful.   There are a few rules and boundaries you need to know about or you may end up like all the other booty call losers. read more

How to Have Anal Sex. Discover the Dos and Donts.


Lots of Coupes Enjoy Anal Sex  . . . However, there are many people who do not enjoy it.  Keep a respectful mind.

Discover How to Have Anal Sex Correctly.

1. Make Sure You’re in the Mood
And by in the mood, I mean calm . . . AND not like you need to go to How to have anal sexthe bathroom.  You must find away to relax, especially if this is your first time.

Somes a glass of wine or whatever you need to use to calm down and relax.   The reason this is mention is this; you don’t want to tense up when your ass is about to be penetrated because that “back door” will lock down like a BANK VAULT and nothing is going inside. read more

Vibrators are great for couples too. Erotic fun for both.

Vibrator, Vibrator Who Has Vibrators!

Yes, it’s no secret men and women love vibrators. There is nothing more enjoyable (accept for the real thing) than a quality vibrator gently massaging and vibrating the parts we all like the most.Vibrators

Women naturally, enjoy the vibrator to softly vibrate their clit along with inserting for some extra vibrating sensations.  Men also enjoy vibrators, especially on the underneath part of the penis and also anally.  Women have been known to use two vibrators, one in each of their love holes.

There are a variety of vibrators on the market and the women all Vibratorshave their favorites. There are vibrators that look like a cock and some are for pure pleasure.  Many vibrators will massage her “clit” while another part is insert for vaginal stimulation as well. read more

Swinger Parties. Dos and don’ts and how to find local swingers.

Check out Video!

Swinger Parties Does and Dont’s are Essential for Meeting New Swinging Friends.

swingers10Swinging parties – dos an don’ts are essential in order to have a great time with others.

If you’re new to the swinging community, then you’ll be surprised to discover that most of the couples within the swinging community are very polite, courteous, professional and kind.

Let’s discuss attending a Swinger Private Party.  Arriving at the correct time is essential.  Do not disrespect the host by showing up so late it ruins it for everyone else.

Get the world’s largest swinger club and swinger party listing directory.  read more

About Bisexual Women. How to tell if she is bisexual?

Is Your Girlfriend or
Wife a Bisexual Woman? 

bisexual womenHaving a relationship with a woman who also enjoys women can be an exciting and stimulating experience — so long as you are both prepared to explore.   Being involved with a bisexual woman obviously has its advantages  and extra adventures that can enhance your sex life.

True bisexual women have the emotional ability to “fall-in-love” with other women.   Many bisexual women call themselves bisexual because they enjoy the touch and the sex of another woman – but she prefers to be in love with a man, her boyfriend or her husband. In other words, she enjoys “playing” with another woman, sexually. read more