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Swinger Parties

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Attending and exploring a private SWINGER PARTY is one way to discover swinging and it’s many BENEFITS.

How to Meet Others of Like-Minds – FAST!

There is a simple and very easy way to find local swinger parties in your town or city.  Just fill out the email form and we’ll deliver a special link to you. read more

Swinging Lifestyle Dictionary: Words Used Among Swingers

Swinging Lifestyle Dictionary!
Listed are words often used within the alternative and swinging lifestyle community.

Let’s face it.  If you don’t know a certain language, then it may be difficult to communicate with people who do.

The Swinging Lifestyle has almost 200 words that you need to know.  You need to know what they mean or b-w-girl-widget-6you may get confused or not understand what is being conveyed to you.

If you know the language you will know exactly what is being said and in what context.  Many couples and single people “think” they know about the swinging lifestyle, however, there are many facets there DO NOT know. There are many types of fetishes the swinging community enjoys that are kept within the swinging community or those of like-minds. read more

3some: Inviting a third person to bed.

The Erotic “3some” Can Vary.

A 3some can be a man, woman and another woman.  A 3some can be a man, a woman and another man.  A 3some might be three women or three men.   There are several combinations of a 3some.

The porn industry has made a 3some very exciting and popular.   Most men fanaticize about being in bed with two women with him 3somebeing “King Kong”.

Most married men also prefer a 3some with their wife and another woman.  Unless the wife is “bi”, then it’s sometimes a little difficult for the husband to persuade his wife to explore and bring another woman into the bedroom. read more

Local Swinger Clubs – World’s Largest Swinger Club Directory


Swinger Clubs are in nearly
every city and town!

Swinger Clubs are extremely popular all over the world.  You may be shocked to see the actual directory.  We will help you find all the best Swing Clubs in your area are wherever you plan to travel.

Also, Check Out this Video on Youtube.

The World’s Largest Swinger Club and Swinger Party Listing Directory. Swinger Clubs!  

swinger clubsSwinger Clubs are practically in very city and town.  Swinger events and Swing “bashes” are everywhere.

Thousands of swinger attend the Swinger Conventions all over the year.   As many as 5,000 or more swingers will attend one convention for frolic and for a national meet and greet.  It’s truly amazing. read more

Sexy Couples. Swingers Come in All Shapes, Sizes and Races.

Check out this video also on Youtube.

Where do you find other Sexy Couples?

sexy couplesSexy couples within the swinging lifestyle is just like any other group of people.  Sex is whatever sexy does.

Beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder.  In other words – one couple might be absolutely irresistible to one couple – however, to another couple they night be butt-ass-ugly!

sexy couples
sexy couples

However, it’s always good, no matter what, when you’re in a room filled with people of like-minds, be kind, gentle and super friendly.

Sexy people are all around – sometimes you may have to look a little deeper than just their skin and their body structure. Try to have a good time and never do anything you do not want to do. read more

How to Have Anal Sex. Discover the Dos and Donts.


Lots of Coupes Enjoy Anal Sex  . . . However, there are many people who do not enjoy it.  Keep a respectful mind.

Discover How to Have Anal Sex Correctly.

1. Make Sure You’re in the Mood
And by in the mood, I mean calm . . . AND not like you need to go to How to have anal sexthe bathroom.  You must find away to relax, especially if this is your first time.

Somes a glass of wine or whatever you need to use to calm down and relax.   The reason this is mention is this; you don’t want to tense up when your ass is about to be penetrated because that “back door” will lock down like a BANK VAULT and nothing is going inside. read more

Christian Swingers. Christians enjoy Swinging Lifestyle too.

 Christian Swingers Have Sex With Others While Spreading the Word. 🙂

CHRISTIAN Swingers is sending ripples throughout the Christian community.  It  is offering “faithful couples” christian swingersthe opportunity to “hookup” with each other.

It sounds like an oxymoron which  brazenly declares their philosophy is  “designed with “real” Christians in mind.  Devout Christian couples who still want to have an active love life and share it with another swinging couple, in good faith!”

Christian swingers believe that sex can be enjoyed with others by holding on to their spiritual and core Christians beliefs.    Swingers believe it is not “cheating” on your spouse is fully aware and also approves. read more

Wife Porn. My Wife is My Favorite Porn Star.

 Wife Porn is Erotic!

Wife PornWIFE PORN is big within certain circles.  Some couples enjoy shooting their own home sexy videos and trading them with other couples.

 Some husband enjoy showing off their hot sexy wife to other men.

It’s called different strokes for different folks.  The best part is;  some women get really “hot” shooting videos knowing someone else will be watching them.  It might even be a total stranger.  The hotwife scene is also part of the whole wife porn phenomenon.

Men enjoy Wife Porn because they enjoy showing off their wife because they love their wife and they are proud of them.  Men who enjoy looking at other men’s wives also enjoy it.  These are also called wifelovers. read more

Swingerslifestyle. Discover the erotic life of swingers.

Swingerslifestyle is a lifestyle usually . .reserved for Couples.  Single ladies are often invited into the bedroom. . . . .  .  . Occasionally, maybe a single man.

Swingerslifestyle is usually open to sharing couples and single ladies. swingerslifestyle Occasionally, single men are invited to join in on the erotic lifestyle.

Swingerlifestyle is a life style for secure bonded “happily” married couples.   The security of trust are common characteristics among swinging couples.

These special couples are open to sexually sharing each other with other couples or a threesome while they remain emotionally committed to each other.

Many times the swinging experience can even help bond a couple, but only if they are happy and have a healthy relationship.  Swingerslifestyle seldom will fix a broken marriage. read more

Swing Life Style. Couples Share Sexuality.

 Swing Life Style is Growing in Popularity!

Swing life style is what many swingers refer to as the “Lifestyle”.    Swing Life Style is an open-minded  sexually oriented concept thousands of couples embrace.  They are able to enjoy sex with others while maintaining their emotional commitment to their significant other.

Couples are Spicing up their Marriage . . .

Also check out this video on Youtube.

The Swing Life Style has been gaining in popularity in the last few years.

There are private swinger parties in nearly every town in America.

Naturally, they are private, however, there are many swinger events and “bashes” open to the public as well.  Swapping wives or swapping husbands is usually part of the Swing Life Style. read more