Transgender Dating. Private Lifestyle For Many.

Transgender Dating –
Thousands of People Date Transgenders.

Are you seeking to date transgenders?  Some people are confused as to this meaning.  Let’s start with providing a true definition of a Transgenderist;  It is a person who lives as a member of the opposite sex either fulltime or part-time.

Some transgenders enjoy and like their genitalia and do not plan to ever have SRS.  Most transsexuals cannot related to their genitalia and many transgenders have Sexual Reconstruction Surgery (SRS).

Transgenders can be male to female or female to male.

Some men and women prefer to only date transgenders for a variety of reasons.  Some say the communication is better and they can relate better to each other.

Like thousands of Transsexuals, they may feel better by going through electrolysis, Facial feminization, breast implants and take cross-sex hormones.  Women often do the opposite.

Unlike a many transsexuals, they are not interested and “usually” will never obtain Gender Reassignment surgery.

SEX with Transgenders with a Penis

Usually, not always, but many transgenders MtF with a penis do not have a desire to penetrate (anally) a man.  They think of themselves as a woman.  They want to be the one who is penetrated and to be protected in the arms of a strong man.   They are apt to perform other sexual acts, such as oral sex, toys, etc.  Some male transgenders may have desires to be with women as well.

Transgender dating is not something everyone thinks about, however, many men and women have often wondered if it is possible.  Shemales has become a huge porn topic with many straight men – it is not popular for gay men.

Tranny, Shemale or “Ladyboy” are all names of transgenders.  Sometimes these are names meant as slang for trangender males or females.

transgender datingMany people have made “Transexuals” a popular term.  In order words, they actually go through with the (SRS) sexual reconstructural surgery.

“Shemales” are an example of Transgenderists but is usually a porn industry term and is not actually respectful to transgenders.

Thai or Asian “Lady Boys” are also Transgenderists. They are usually (Male to Female) and a very few (Female to Male) Transgenderists.

Similarly Transsexuals who for health and other reasons don’t obtain Sexual Reconstruction Surgery are not included in this definition of Transgenderist.

transgender-before-afterTransgenderists, until recent years, were treated poorly by the medical establishment and many in the  Transsexual Community.

This was brought on by a misconception that they were ALL potential sex workers. While this is true for some, it is not true for the majority.

As a result many started to obtain their hormones and inject silicone illegally (without doctor’s approval or permission) which became a death sentence for a MANY of them. In addition many therapists would not deal with them causing them to keep their emotional problems to themselves.

The Medical establishment now works with Transgenderists.  The problems appears to be diminishing.  Currently, most doctors transgender-before-after-2prescribe hormones to Transgenderists in an effort to save lives.

Taking hormones without supervision can be dangerous.  Hormones can have side effects and Thrombosis (blood clots) can lead to death even under a Physicians care. In addition there can be risks with Thyroid problems and liver disease.

Now, transgenderists can obtain hormones with a prescription legally. Therapy is also recommended. All transgenders should come under the safety net of good medical supervision during treatment.

Sometimes the word GENDER can be very confusing. It wasn’t very long ago that the mere mention of sex or IF a person said “I want to keep my genitals”  to a doctor, then it was a sure fire way to get you rejected for hormones.  If you wanted hormones without surgery, then you were thought of as nothing but a sex worker.

Many lied and set themselves up for (SRS) Sex Reassignment Surgery. This is a disaster for a Transgenderist since 30% of MTF’s are not orgasmic after surgery. Such a mistake is lifelong and dramatically raises the risk for post-op suicide.

It’s important that a transgender be honest with himself/herself and with the therapist. There is no shame in being a Transgenderist.

As a Transgender person you are part of the 31% suicide rate that we all face.  Only a therapist can diagnose you. If you consider yourself to be a Transsexual ask yourself if you could live without another orgasm for the rest of your life?

If you have a desire for “Transgender Dating” then you should take all of this into consideration.  Transgenders have lots of emotional issues – however, probably not any fewer than the average person, just different.

Transgender Speaks Out –  How she/he feels about Transgender Dating.

Most, but not all Transgenderist, want sexual reassignment surgery.  Here’s an interesting interview about a woman who date’s transgenders.

Want to meet or date a transgender in your town or city?  We found the largest and most reliable selection for you.

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