Vibrators are great for couples too. Erotic fun for both.

Vibrator, Vibrator Who Has Vibrators!

Yes, it’s no secret men and women love vibrators. There is nothing more enjoyable (accept for the real thing) than a quality vibrator gently massaging and vibrating the parts we all like the most.Vibrators

Women naturally, enjoy the vibrator to softly vibrate their clit along with inserting for some extra vibrating sensations.  Men also enjoy vibrators, especially on the underneath part of the penis and also anally.  Women have been known to use two vibrators, one in each of their love holes.

There are a variety of vibrators on the market and the women all Vibratorshave their favorites. There are vibrators that look like a cock and some are for pure pleasure.  Many vibrators will massage her “clit” while another part is insert for vaginal stimulation as well.

Many couples use vibrators when they play with each other.  It’s great to include vibrators with foreplay before fucking.  And sometimes vibrators are used during the sex act as well.  Use your imagination!

Some men are threatened by vibrators.  Ladies, if this is the case in your life, then follow this suggestion.

Now, do not fear.  Simply introduce  your “man” to the new battery-operated GUY in your life. Just because you have the real thing (cock) doesn’t mean the two of you can’t stir up your sex life with a a vibrating toy.

All you have to do is; work the vibrator into your bedroom – adding a little extra stimulation during your “Playtime” can add a lot to your sex life!

VibratorsOf course, you may feel strange about asking your guy if he feels threatening with your electric “vibrating” cock machine, but it may not be as bad as you think.

Many girls are concerned that their man will freak or feel threatened by the suggestion of bringing a “vibrator” to bed with you. Here’s how to do it so either one of you will feel too weird.

Show excitement and talk positive about the great sexy you already have together, then bring up the idea of adding a toy, “Hey sweetie, last night in the backyard was so hot. Let’s try this next!”

Get on the computer and look up vibrators and you both go shopping for the perfect vibrator together so he feels he’s part of the exploration thing.  It was also reassure him that there are lots of styles besides the “the big cock vibrators he’s already starting to imagine”.

No matter how he acts, it’s important not to feel embarrassed or guilty about wanting to use vibrators. A significant number of women need that strong, consistent vibration to get all the way to orgasm, even with a lover. That’s just how some women are created.”

If your man is really wanting you to increase your pleasure, then he will set his “ego” aside and let you explore.  Even if it means bringing an “electronic” penis into the bedroom with him.

Ok – so you have your new vibrator – how do both of you use it on each other?
One person should hold the vibrator while the other enjoys the stimulation, or you can ALSO rest it between you for a mutual thrill. Finger vibrators are good in conjunction with giving a nice soothing blow job as well.

VibratorsHappy Endings for Both!
Nearly all vibrators do the job.  Certain vibrators will become your favorite and some are specifically designed to do special things.

“A finger vibe is easy to use, it slips over the tip of your finger and feels good on the balls and clit. Vibrating cock rings like the Bo strap onto the penis to deliver vibration to the clit during intercourse and also to the shaft of the penis.

Safety First
Naturally, it’s wise to use good hygiene common sense when using vibrators or other toys.   Never place the vibrator in your ass – then into your vagain.  That’s a no-no.  Always go from front to back with your vibrator or you can spread all sorts of nasty bacteria.

If you think you’ll be using the toy anally and vaginally, put a condom on it before using it on the back door, and take it off for a clean surface up front. Condoms are a good for toys and penises. They keep everything nice and clean.

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