WifeLovers. Men Who Enjoy The Wives of Other Men.

Nothing Better than WifeLovers!

wifelovers6Wifelovers can be any man who enjoys fucking wives of other men. Men who Love their wives are also called “Wifelovers”.

Wifelovers who love their wives can also be a “cuckolder” too.  A cuckold is aroused by other men dating, kissing or having sex with his wife.

Wifelovers are often men who enjoy having sex with another man’s wife.  Many times, the wife is possibly in a passionless marriage, but doesn’t want to leave her husband for a host of reasons.  For this reason she seeks the sexual attention of other men.

black-whitekissingThe man with a hotwife will be aroused while watching a man fuck his wife.  The husband encourages his wife to have as much sexual fun while he watches orparticipates.  A hotwife is the the wife of a WifeLover.

Often times a HOTWIFE could be the wife of a “Wifelover” and the man fucking her could be considered “lucky” or a  wife-lover as well.  The SWINGER LIFESTYLE can encompass many variations of sexualality today.

wifelover1Wifelovers, wife swapping, cuckold, hotwife are just a few of the wifelover concepts and sexual lifestyles.

Where do Wifelovers hang out.  Who are they?  

Well, many of them could be right in your own neighborhood, however, there are special websites that attract them as well.   Our favorite website for swingers has millions of members.  Many couples who are also into the WifeLovers lifestyle are members and many of them find lots of sexy males (bulls) to pleasure their wives.  They certainly are Wifelovers.

Also check out this video here.

Many swingers enjoy the hotwife lifestyle and some women are married to a “cuckold”.  Wifelovers from all over the word endorse this program for making sure all wives receive the pleasure they deserve. 


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