Why Do Women Cheat: Private Lives of Couples.

Most Women Want to Feel
Desired and Wanted –
Why Do Women Cheat?

Men and women living in traditional relationships often create their own “Private Lifestyles” through having secret affairs or cheating on their spouse or significant other. Obviously the disloyalty can be very painful for both when the secret is revealed. Most divorces are caused by infidelity.  Most couples never heal after an affair without the help and assistance from a well trained professional therapist or marriage counselor.

Most women want to feel desired, wanted and long for the feeling of being irresistible again.  People ask the question all the time . . .Why do Women Cheat?   Today, just as many women  have extra-marital affairs why do women cheatas men do.  They want to relive that feeling of being desired.

Thousands of married men and women in long term marriages or relationships usually take each other for granted.  They fall into a “rut” of not allowing the other to feel desired and wanted. The man and the woman almost always grow apart due to losing that special connection.

1. Many times couples lack intimacy and attention for each other.

When do women start cheating?  A month after marriage?  A year?  Several years?   The question should be how long can you go without receiving love and affection before you start looking at others to fulfill that need ?

Many people can go for only a few days, months, and others can go for years.  However, in general, women need and desire intimacy, physical touch, and mental and emotional affection. If a woman is not receiving this from her husband or boyfriend, it will only be a matter of time and she may have wondering eyes.

Women who are deprived of attention, compliments, and compassion; usually have emotional affairs. That doesn’t mean it won’t lead to sex but initially they are starving for attention and compassion is not inside the marriage or relationship.

2. Revenge Can Be a Reason for an Affair:

Women who go through an experience of a “cheating” husband will feel like their guts have been ripped out.  It causes great depression and physical illness.  It does horrible things to a woman’s self-esteem and her ability to trust her husband again.

A secret affair creates a terrific separation and major “crack” in the relationship.  Some women want to get revenge by making their husband feel the same pain.

3. Some Women Have a Horrible Sex Life in Their Marriage.

Most women need to feel desired and experience REAL orgasms during sex.   Some men are sexually selfish.  If a woman is getting bad sex or no sex at home – she may start looking for other men who can give it to her.why do women cheat

4. Some Women Experience More Attention After Weight Loss or Plastic Surgery:

Maybe she gets a boob job or loses weight.  This also may create more self-confidence.  Often she may be more appealing to many boob-job-2more men and the extra attention can be intoxicating. If she’s already unhappy at home – some of the male advances may be difficult to resist.

5. Some Women Want to Have Financial Independence:

When you feel financially dependent on your husband or boyfriend, it can cause the woman to feel “stuck” in a relationship.  The fear of being alone and financially unstable keeps you from moving on. Now, women can make their own money, enjoy working, and do why do women cheatnot feel inferior and they can seek a happier relationship.

6. Some Women Have Low Self-Esteem:

A woman with poor self-esteem may cheat on her husband. When she feels insecure about herself, she may have a need to seek validation from others. This can be in the form of sexual, emotional, or intellectual attention.

When she doesn’t love or value yourself, she may project that onto her significant other, and believe they don’t love or value her. Even if her husband or boyfriend loves her, she still may cheat because she finds it hard to accept their unconditional love.

7. Some Women Feel Under-Appreciated:

Some women when they do not feel appreciated for all their cooking, their cleaning or being half the bread winner plus seldom get even a simple “thank you”, may start looking for appreciation from another man.

We all have thresholds, and once hers is reached, she may decide to act on a “thank you, please, or I love you” coming from another direction. Some women either have fantasies of being appreciated by other men or they act on it.  This is what happens when men take their “woman” for granted.

8. Some Women Just Get Bored:  Their husband turns into a couch potato.

Couples get settled into a mundane and boring relationship.  He stops doing the simple thing that used to excite her.  He stops looking as “dashing” as he did or maybe he gained weight. fatmanHe becomes a couch potato – sits back, drinks his beer and watches sports all weekend.  He nearly ignores his “woman”.   She’s bored and starts to look elsewhere for a more stimulating life.

The top 10 reasons why
men have affairs include:

why do women cheat 1. More sex  – lack of sex in their home relationship.

2. Sexual variety through different partners or different sexual experiences.

3. Husband needs an ego boost to feel special or to feel like he is still attractive to the opposite sex

4. Some men just enjoy chasing and sexually conquering women.

5. Opportunistic sex – if a woman flaunts herself he will go for it.

6. Some men are self-destructive.  They simply sabotage their relationship due to poor self-esteem.

7.  Many Men Seek Revenge by having affairs.  They want to cause their wife pain.

8. Some men have a sense of entitlement.  They may be narcissistic, sociopath or psychopath.  There are man psychological reasons for a man feeling he is entitled to cheat on his loyal life-partner.

9. Some men have a sickness called sexual addiction.  These men usually require therapy and counseling.  Many sex addicts use prostitutes as well.

10. Some men just want to explore – they feel like they may be missing out on sexual adventure.  They want to fulfilling fantasies their wives will not perform.

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